The OraFuse Advantage

The first device to continuously deliver drugs into the mouth at a controlled rate.

OraFuse® is a non-invasive drug delivery system that continuously delivers drugs into the mouth at a constant rate. Continuous delivery enables patients to achieve more stable concentrations of drugs in the body. A high level of drug may cause side effects, whereas a low concentration may be ineffective. By maintaining more stable drug levels in the body, OraFuse may allow longer-lasting benefits and fewer side effects than taking pills intermittently.

DopaFuse, the first product that SynAgile is developing using the OraFuse technology, delivers levodopa/carbidopa (LD/CD) for the treatment of Parkinson’s Disease. DopaFuse is designed to be the first system for continuous, non-invasive LD/CD delivery, enabling a major reduction in movement problems.

Drugs other than LD/CD can also benefit from non-invasive, continuous oral delivery. SynAgile will develop future products enabling more people to obtain the benefits of stable drug levels.


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