SynAgile Therapy

In a Phase 2a clinical trial SynAgile™ demonstrated that continuous delivery of L-DOPA and carbidopa via the mouth significantly reduces “off” time. Building on these results, SynAgile™ is developing DopaFuse™, the first therapy to continuously and noninvasively deliver L-DOPA and carbidopa. DopaFuse™ contains a novel, highly concentrated formulation that enables a daily dose of L-DOPA and carbidopa to be delivered in a small volume. A small drug delivery device resides in the patient’s mouth and continuously delivers the formulation, which is swallowed with the patient's saliva. Absorption is through the standard gastrointestinal route. The drug delivery device is comfortable, does not interfere with speech or swallowing, and is not visible to others.

OraFuse™ Drug Delivery Platform


For Investigational Use Only — Not Available for Sale